Weight: -2.3 Pounds This Week

I measure weight loss by the week from Monday to Monday. The reason I do the measurement from Monday to Monday is to ensure any bad eating behaviors from the weekend, Saturday and Sunday, are fully captured in the net loss or net gain for the week.

For the past week, Monday 11/9 to Monday 11/16, the net loss is 2.3 pounds. 

The United States CDC, among many other organizations and statistical reports, all agree that losing at a rate of 1-2 pounds per week is not only within a healthy range, but also a sustainable change. 

Assessment: R1 Yesterday

Yesterday’s leg and glutes session made a positive impact in term of  feel for calves, hamstrings, and glutes despite not doing the glute  bridge that day. I suspect switching the sumo dumbbell squat for the  sumo barbell squat combined with the cable leg extensions is all that is  really necessary to light up the glutes. The trouble is no feel in my  quads despite some of the exercises that day intended to use them.

Goal: add exercise to the R1 Legs Glutes routine to hit quads.

Plan: add the trap bar deadlift to the R1 Legs Glutes routine as the finishing exercise.

Aerobic Zone 3 Spinning

Schedule today would not permit outdoor cycling, so I did 1 hour of  spinning indoors instead. With an average heart rate of 136 bpm, I  stayed in heart rate zone 3 for majority of the time. Zone 3 both  increases your aerobic power and improves your blood circulation.  Better blood circulation equates to a harder cock, so that's never a bad  thing.